Guiding Financial Integrity in Kenosha County

As a Committee member of the  Finance/Administration Committee I serve to ensure fiscal responsibility and strategic resource management for District #6.

Our Responsibilities

Oversight and Strategy

As a member of the Finance/Administration Committee, a county board supervisor is integral to the governance of Kenosha County’s financial landscape. From meticulous budget oversight to strategic financial planning, the committee ensures the county’s fiscal health and sustainability. We delve into economic trends, craft policies that enhance transparency and accountability, and rigorously monitor fiscal performance to preempt and resolve financial discrepancies. Our role extends to overseeing audits, ensuring they accurately reflect our financial standing while preventing mismanagement and fraud.

Resource allocation is another critical area, requiring us to judiciously determine funding distribution across various departments and initiatives, aligning with community needs and governmental priorities. Engaging with the public forms the cornerstone of our operations, providing a platform for residents to voice their financial concerns and priorities, thereby influencing decision-making processes directly impacting the community.

Community First

Transparency and Engagement

The Finance/Administration Committee is committed to fostering an environment of transparency and active engagement, which are vital for building trust and cooperation between the county government and its citizens. By making financial processes accessible and understandable, and by regularly sharing updates and insights into the county’s financial status, we empower our residents with knowledge.

Kenosha County Emblem: Proud Symbol of Community and Progress in Wisconsin

Our proactive approach to community involvement includes providing detailed agendas and minutes of meetings, ensuring every resident of District #6 has the opportunity to stay informed and involved. Regular financial reports and summaries are made available, enhancing the community’s understanding of where and how their taxes are utilized, thereby fostering a collaborative relationship.

Empowerment through Information

Enhancing Community Engagement

Why Transparency Matters

Providing accessible meeting schedules, detailed agendas, and comprehensive minutes is crucial for fostering an informed community. These resources ensure that residents of District #6 Kenosha County are well-informed about the workings and decisions of the Finance/Administration Committee. By staying updated, community members can participate more actively in governance.

Regularly sharing financial reports and updates enhances transparency and builds trust between the committee and the community. Making contact information readily available encourages a two-way dialogue, ensuring that concerns and feedback are addressed promptly. Educational resources further aid in demystifying complex financial processes, empowering residents with the knowledge needed to engage effectively in county affairs.


  • Jeff Gentz (Chair)
  • Gabe Nudo (Vice Chair)
  • Frederick Brookhouse
  • Andres Gama
  • Daniel Gaschke
  • David Geertsen
  • Sarah Kirby

    Understanding County Finances

    What is the role of the Finance/Administration Committee?

    The committee oversees the financial operations and administrative functions of the county, ensuring fiscal stability and compliance with regulations.

    How does the committee ensure fiscal accountability?

    Through regular monitoring of financial performance, risk identification, and corrective actions to safeguard public funds.

    What does budget oversight entail?

    Budget oversight involves reviewing and approving the county budget, analyzing financial reports, and allocating funds to various departments.

    How can I get involved or provide input on financial decisions?

    Community members are encouraged to attend committee meetings and participate in public consultations to voice their opinions and suggestions.

    Where can I find financial reports and budget summaries?

    All financial documents are accessible on the ‘Andres Gama’ website under the Finance/Administration section, updated regularly for public review.

    Join Us at Our Next Committee Meeting

    As a proactive member of the Kenosha community, your involvement is crucial. Attend the Finance/Administration Committee meetings to gain insights into how your county’s budget is managed and have a say in our financial decisions. Your participation ensures transparency and strengthens collaboration between the community and county officials. Let’s work together to shape the future of District #6!